Mobile Marketing and Music

Mobile Marketing strategies are now used by most artists around the world, and everyone has been fast to jump aboard. This new era has taken a rise in the last five years, and can be an effective tool; as long as you stand out from the crowd, that is.

Why Should I Use It?

Due to the fact that Mobile Marketing is the use of advertisement on various applications including that of social media platforms, video channels and gaming apps, it’s hard to avoid in today’s society. This is why, if you’re looking to implement a marketing strategy in order to advertise an artist, it is crucial. It makes it extremely easier for artists to be found, and scouts to discover.

Not What It’s Cracked Up To Be, Unless…

They key to Mobile Marketing is to stand out from the crowd surrounded by your competitors. As well as the state of the music industry,mobile marketing is now also an extremely congested industry, and everyone is involved. So, if you’re looking to be effective in this field, you must invest a large amount of funding into it, if not, it’s best to hold back and save some money for a while. What you get out of it is dependent on what you put in. If an artist invests thousands into a Facebook campaign, chances are it’ll gain more attention by scouts than your sidebar advertisement on Bebo. Traffic costs money.

Here Are The Facts

Staggering statistics show that Mobile Marketing is now one of the most valuable resources for any modern marketing campaign, no matter the size of the artist. According to WordStream, 80% of time used on mobile devices is spent on a wide array the majority being on games. As well as this, mobile browsing and use has now overtaken desktop use. With these statistics in mind, it’s clear to see that even if you’re not aiming to directly advertise yourself to listeners and scouts online, it is still a great name to get your brand name out in the open.

Where Do I Start?!

There are a  variety of forms and methods of marketing that artists can easily use, and are very accessible. Gaming applications will often be open to inquiries based on allowing ad-space to be taken up by your advertisement on their interface. The price of this depends on the popularity of the game itself, and the audience can be quite restricted e.g. a car game will not be a good choice for a modelling agency. The same also applies for traditional application-based marketing.

Another method would be mobile-search advertisements, which can be easily completed through applications such as Google Analytics. This can be referred to as the process an advertisement coming up dependent on the keywords that were typed in by the user. Google AdWords is also a great way of focusing on keywords to come up on searches, and to manage the traffic of your marketing.

Avoid At All Cost!

Mobile Marketing is great when it goes correctly, but can be horrid when it goes wrong. That’s why, we’re going to guide you through the things you should avoid when entering the harsh industry of marketing by mobile.

DO NOT damage your message, sometimes a lot can be too much. We now live in a society where everything is one click away. Meaning it’s just as easy to not click/ click off than to click and read in the first place. This is why your campaign must be both clear, and straight to the point.

DO NOT avoid producing a campaign plan. Many small artists, businesses and freelancers will fail to make a final plan when testing their hand at mobile marketing. This can be fatal, and should be avoided. The key to a great plan is to take your time, find your target audience and produce a simple, but effective message that will make it easy for talent scouts to find your music.

Good Luck!

We hope that this article is useful to you, and we wish you the best of luck with your music careers! Feel free to leave a comment, or ask any questions.






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