Content Marketing and Music


Marketing your content on any digital platform is one of the most important things you could do as an artist in order to attract major label attention. Not only does it show that you understand know how to present yourself on a wider scale than your competitors, it also makes your music easy to find and as a result, makes it more likely for labels to take an interest in you.

Where Should I Put My Music?

To start, your music should be on all major online music platforms, including SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube and many more. If you are unable to afford the fee that some independent third party companies charge to get on more strict streaming websites like Apple Music and Spotify, you have no need to worry. Labels often go to sites such as SoundCloud to find any hidden talent that they would like to take an interest, and this is very much a popular resource to gain attention.

As long as your page is presented well, all of your music is easy to find through keywords and you have upgraded your account to differ yourself from the crowd to be found easily, this a good start in regards to gaining interest from record labels.

Important Advice

Look at your idols, view their accounts and do your research. There’s a reason that the people who’s music you most love have made it to such a level. It’s not just good music, they created well thought-out and in-depth marketing campaigns, and knew how to present their music on the most popular music platform of all time – the internet.

The harsh truth is, you’re going to be competing against some of the most established, influential and powerful artists of modern day. This makes various methods such as search-engine, social media and ad-space marketing extremely expensive due to its demand.


Due to having such strong online competition to battle against for label attention, artists are now better off using their small audience to be more effective than a large audience that is less committed and is less likely to listen to your music. Activate your presence on all major websites, try to expand your small audience larger using their committed attitudes, and finally, make the best music possible.


The Abundant Artist – Content Marketing



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